Equine Assisted Counselling Can Change Your Life


If you are experiencing challenges in your life or dealing with problems you can’t solve on your own Equine Assisted Counselling might be just what you need.

In this fast paced, high tech world it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated. There can be a vague sense of discontent or the feeling that something’s missing. You may start to feel like your life lacks meaning and that you never seem to be satisfied with your present situation.

Maybe you can’t sleep at night because of the anxious thoughts spinning endlessly through your head and you find yourself getting irritated easily, flying off the handle at inappropriate times, leading to feelings of guilt, shame and regret.

To other people you may seem calm and cheerful but inside you’re feeling lonely, anxious, depressed, angry or frustrated. Happiness is a concept that doesn’t seem to apply to you and you find yourself turning to alcohol, drugs or food to make yourself feel better.

Over time you start to feel exhausted, depression and anxiety set in and you begin to lose your sense of optimism and hope for a better future. You begin to feel trapped, stuck in your present situation. You just can’t see a way out and you’ve lost your motivation to change.

Explore – Discover – Inspire With The Help of a Horse

Clients who come to the Richmond barn appreciate the lessons my equine partner Rosie has to offer. She teaches them leadership and communication skills, helps them find hope when they’re locked in depression and shows them how to overcome anxiety by focusing on being in the moment while immersing themselves in a natural environment.

Rosie and I are committed to helping our clients become aware of the unlimited possibilities in their lives and our goal is to motivate individuals to take actions; actions that lead to positive life changing experiences.

When you come to your first session I’ll go over everything you need to know to make you feel safe and comfortable around the horses and confident that you’ve chosen the right course of action to deal with your problems. I’m very experienced in dealing with issues and barriers that hold people back form making positive changes in their lives and I’ll help you develop a plan to ensure that you achieve your goals. As we work together with the horses you will:

  • Begin to feel energized and motivated to change the things in your life that aren’t working and start to feel excited about new possibilities
  • Gain the confidence you need to overcome the barriers that keep you from experiencing the joy and passion that life has to offer
  • Improve your relationship with family and friends
  • Learn to control the thoughts and feelings that create anxiety, depression and lack of motivation
  • Become less dependent on alcohol, drugs or food to make you feel better
  • Find that you’re able to relax and fall asleep easily
  • Be able to handle the stressful events in your life

People, who come out to the barn, meet the horses and experience Equine Assisted Counselling, describe it as a very unique and insightful experience. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed out and disconnected or you are suffering from depression or lack of motivation, this could be exactly what you need.

Horses are wonderful teachers, leaders and healers.  

They are said to mirror our inner lives in a way that leads to greater insight and understanding.